Our land takes pride in the way we mix our spices into stories of tradition. Cinder introduces you to such a story that would have you summon all your tastebuds.  
We offer you true and wholesome savouries, preserved only naturally and packaged eco friendly.

About the BRAND

Mab Co is a bunch of grandchildren coming forward to present their family's culinary history. They attribute the cuisine's authenticity to their late grandmother and currently sustained through their mothers.

The family has been serving their relatives and aquaintances since early 90s with their seafood varieties and a traditional portugese style cake called 'bolo'. The growing popularity for the well established recipes has made them reach out with a brand named Cinder that has a range of foods which qualifies for a proud presentation on your dining tables.
Through Cinder we are trying to connect with people and families who inherit great food culture. Let us share our tastes and the stories we tend build around it.

Our Products ☟


Mustard Sauce

No Preservatives

100% Vegan

Authentic Recipes

Only Real Ingredients

‘Musadth’ is a remarkable condiment from the Luso-Cochin era that still continues to be served along with beef and pork dishes. This Portuguese style mustard recipe is the secret ingredient behind west Kochi’s fish and beef vindaloo dishes. Try your steak with it or use as dipping for fried food or salad dressing and find yourself in a whole new realm of savour.



No Preservatives

Rich Taste

Authentic Recipes

Only Real Ingredients

Freshness of prawns directly sourced from farms and fishermen makes Cinder stand out from the factory made pickles that largely rely on prawns that are broken and rejected by exporters.  Our pickles characteristics are defined by the hands at which this recipe was perfected and the tongues that opined right and left about taste despite of being sunk in their respective mouths full of water.

Summon your tastebuds...